BBM From The Couch Program

This program is for people who are not able to get off the couch or who struggle to stand for very long. The aim of this program is for you to get away from the couch. To do all the things, so many people take for granted.

NZD $30 Monthy


  • Tailored meal plans
  • Budget meal plans
  • Family recipes
  • Shopping list
  • Custom from the couch ab routine
  • Motivational videos
  • Exclusive content
  • Support from me and my team
  • Access to our amazing group BBM motivation

Custom workouts developed specifically for people I have worked with who struggled to leave the couch

Meet Mike

I met Mike in Tokoroa when I did a speech down there. He had followed me for a while on Facebook, but we had never spoken. After meeting him, I knew I had to help him on his journey. So I put together the workouts and sent it to him online. I also sent him the meal plan and got him to try everything out for me. His movement was minimal, and he had lymphedema that was leaking for 8 years. After only 2 months, his lymphedema has stopped leaking, and he no longer has to bandage it up. It has actually started to heal. 

This program works if you do. Bit by bit, step by step


Workout plans that I have used to help 1000s of people lose weight and regain their lives back. Sign up today!