Answers to some frequently asked questions about BBM Motivation, Our Free Community Boot Camps and Online App Programs.

BBM Motivation runs programmes to help people lose weight in a healthy sustainable way. Our newly opened headquarters is located at 12b Jack Conway Avenue, Manukau in South Auckland. We run in total 31 Free BBM Bootcamps, 16 from our Manukau Headquarters per week, 13 at various locations in West Auckland and 2 in Central Auckland per week. Please visit our Timetable page to view our weekly schedule. 

We have a closed Facebook community group on Facebook.
To join, copy and paste the link www.facebook.com/groups/Buttabean

We have a few questions we ask new members before approving as we have 13,000 members. Please make sure you answer all three so our admins can approve your request.

What to bring to a BBM Motivation Boot camp?

1. Bring your own sweat towel with you to each session. This helps to reduce the spread of bacteria and wipe the sweat off your face and body and reduces any potential slip hazards.

2. It's very important to stay hydrated. Please bring a water bottle with you to keep your fluid intake up.

3. If you're doing a box-fit class, please bring your own inners (any garden type of glove) these can be bought from a $2 shop.

4. Grip Gloves for Body weight Hit Boot camps
You can get affordable grip gloves from Kmart. These provide grip with floor exercises.

5. No Chewing Gum
There is strictly No Chewing gum allowed at any of our premises or school halls we use.

6. Children are welcome
We welcome your children to participate and to play in the designated kids area. We ask you to please supervise them at all times.

All our BBM Motivation Community Boot camps are FREE of Charge.

The BBM Tabata App is $7 per week and includes the following features:
Track your Progress
Tailored Meal Plans made for you
Workout and Meal Plans updated Monthly
Shopping list provided for your Meal Plan
Tips that I have learned from my journey to lose over 100kg and keep it off
AB Routine Tab
Budget Family Meals Tab
Support from me and my team
Access to our amazing BBM Motivation group for support

BBM From The Couch Program
This program is for people who are not able to get off the couch or who struggle to stand for very long. The aim of this program is for you to get away from the couch. To do all the things, so many people take for granted.

The From the Couch Program is $10 per week and includes the following features:
Tailored meal plans
Budget meal plans
Family recipes
Shopping list
Custom from the couch ab routine
Motivational videos
Exclusive content
Support from me and my team
Access to our amazing group BBM Motivation

To sign up, click on the programs tab in the top menu bar and follow the instructions.

We have BBM Merchandise available to order. All stock printing and delivery is organised by NZ super yacht support team. Order online then they sort delivery!

To order copy and paste the link below to support