TSB Bank supports BBM Kai

We are pleased to share with our communities that TSB New Zealand announced BBM Motivation as one of their 'TSB Good Stuff Grants Winners'.
BBM applied for a grant to launch BBM Kai, a new program that will run off the back of BBM's Foodbank initiative.
BBM Kai will deliver food education and nutrition workshops.

BBM Kai aims to:
Improve community access to fresh and healthy food
Create employment opportunities for our people
Improve social outcomes reducing family poverty
Make it easier for people in our community to live healthy lives. 

We acknowledge and thank TSB New Zealand. We cannot wait to launch BBM Kai to our wider communities in the next coming months. 
Check out the 60-second pitch video that we put forward towards this Grant application here

For enquiries and expressions of interest, please email [email protected]

Posted by Dave Letele on September 15, 2020