How to Register for BBM Bootcamps

A quick guide to help you register and book to attend BBM Motivation Boot camps and programs

BBM Motivation's boot camps and health programs are free to the community attend.  Please follow the below steps to register and book. 

  1. First register and create a profile (make sure you subscribe to reminders and notifications to get emails)
  2. You will receive an email confirming your BBM Motivation Account.
  3. Download the FREE Mindbody app 
    APPLE Phones:
    ANDROID Phones:
  4. Login to the MINDBODY app using your username and login details you set up. 
    Sign in and then search for BBM Motivation (make sure you have your location turned). 
    Click on BBM Motivation and you will be able to make class bookings via the app. 
    You will receive an app notification confirming your booking.
  5. When you have confirmation of booking arrive on the day and check-in using the Ipad at reception or with one of the team leaders assigned from their device. 

    Please refer to the pdf files below if you need a visual guide to register and book and instructions on how to book in children.



Should you experience any difficulties and are technology challenged please don't hesitate to contact us via email: 
[email protected] or ask one of our Team Leaders for support. 

Posted by Dave Letele on July 09, 2020