Engaging with BBM Study

We are pleased to share that BBM will be working in collaboration with The University of Auckland

We are seeking participants of BBM who are interested in telling their story about how they have engaged with Buttabean Motivation and what meaning BBM has in their lives. 

The research group at the University of Auckland is comprised of Dr Faasisila Savila, Matire Harwood, Collin Tukuitonga, Body Swinburn, Warwick Bagg and Felicity Goodyear-Smith and their research team. They are looking at how effective BBM is in helping Maori and Pasifika people make sustained changes in their lives which may lead to weight loss. 

Dave Letele with Dr Fa'asisila Savila and research representatives for the BBM Study

If you are interested to be a part of this study, please fill out the brief questionnaire below and the research team will make contact with you to make time to do an interview. If English is not your first language, you are welcome to bring a family member to help translate for you with your consent. 

Please click on the form to express your interest here:

Posted by Dave Letele on November 10, 2020