BBM Plantation - Our Covid Response to helping Vulnerable families

The BBM Plantation and Foodbank initiative is how we are helping families and the community who have been affected by Covid-19

The BBM Plantation - Food Redistribution/Distribution Food bank Initiative 


Thanks to the amazing generosity of donors through Givealittle. Last month Just Move Charitable Health trust was able to fundraise $9,947 to help support the work of BBM Motivation to help families who have been hardest hit by COVID 19.

• We repurposed our venue and started providing essential social services
• Hired commercial chillers and freezers to stock large quantities of food donations that would have been destined to landfill and waste.
• We have supported up to over 1500 people each week with food parcels and supermarket gift cards.
• Have volunteers to support the quick repack and distribution of food out to our members and the wider community
• Created community networks with other charitable services and NGO’s that deliver food to give to deprived families thus having a larger social impact and reach in communities
• Continue to purchase essential foods, household/baby necessities and items to support families access wrap-around services

141 donors supported our first appeal and we are extremely grateful for the support. The funding helps operate the BBM Foodbank to make food parcels that can provide a family with the ability to make hot meals every day for a week, serving a family of 4 to 6 people. The need continues for families who are struggling to adjust to unemployment and other financial difficulties due to COVID-19.

Just Move Charitable Health Trust continue to seek the support of crowdfunding and humbly thank all donors for this ongoing support.
Through the platform of Givealittle, we have opened a new appeal enabling us to access funding from the first appeal. 

We greatly appreciate the support for all our networks and the wider community. Every small donation helps us to fulfill BBM's mission to help reduce obesity predominately in low socioeconomic communities through education to enable families to lead a healthy and active lifestyle for the duration of their lives.

If you would like to donate, please visit the link

Posted by Dave Letele on June 08, 2020