BBM Drive Thru - Free Food Parcels Initiative

BBM Motivation share food parcels out to the community

BBM Motivation received donations of groceries and household essentials on Thursday and with the help of volunteers and staff, Dave shared a post on social media inviting the community to pick up free food parcels.

The turnout was something we never anticipated on the day but we managed to serve 3 cars per minute. Filling up car boots with a food parcel and veggies from 9am to 4pm.


Dave Letele: " Yesterday was just amazing. Thank you Mike Thorpe TVNZ Seven Sharp for covering an EPIC day. The turnout was something I have never seen before. I have mixed emotions. I’m pumped we can help, but I’m sad there is such a huge need.

Thank you to every single one of our volunteers. I am only the man on camera. There is an amazing team behind the scenes making this happen.
Thank you Grace Foundation New Zealand for your support as well. Next level

Posted by Dave Letele on June 20, 2020